10 Witty and Funny Boat Names Ideas

10/10 Future Poor Person Absolutely right: Here is our first witty and funny boat names ideas.  Look, boats are expensive. There’s the cost of fuel, the mooring costs, the maintenance…

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Old Collectible 80s and 90s Toys Worth Money

10/10 Pez Dispenser No one bought Pez for the dispenser. However, that dispenser may be worth something today. In 2006, a Pez dispenser known as Astronaut B created for the…

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Sign not in use

These Funny Road Signs Made Us Laugh And Cringe

Road signs are supposed to serve useful, even vital, purposes. You’d think that would mean that they’re always non-nonsense, clear messages to drivers and pedestrians. The reality, however, is that…

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50 Funny Boat Names You’ll Love

  That’s A Fun One: A hot start for this awesome post of creative, hilarious (and maybe even brutally ironic) boat names. Pier Pressure gets to the best of us. This level…

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Childhood Toys That Could Pay Off Your Debt

Rare Pokémon Cards Pokémon cards featured heavily in most people’s childhoods, and now they could potentially be worth thousands of dollars. In 2017, an extremely rare Pokémon card sold for…

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The Most Iconic Franchises: Then and Now

It’s amazing how much things change over history. Every franchise started unheard of with nothing but a dream and a small shop. With hard work and luck, they each slowly…

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duct tape wallet

50 Clever Uses For Duct Tape

Its now a well known joke. “If you have an issue, duct tape can fix it!”. However, the more we researched this, it became more and more evident, this was…

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sonic worst fast food in america

Worst Restaurant Chains in America

The time has come. We’ve got to rip the band-aid off and go ahead and tell you which of your favorite dining spots is ranked in the Top 50 Worst…

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dad hacks new balances

41 Lazy Dad Hacks That You Can’t Wait To Try Out

Dad Hacks! Parenting can be defined in a lot of ways. It’s fun, hilarious, thrilling, and difficult. While we all wish to be good parents, we can never be sure…

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Custom Wood Carvings You’ve Got To See To Believe

Who doesn’t love an awesome wood carving!? You’ve landed here for any number of reasons – but one of them is that you’re interested in seeing some of the coolest…

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