50 Clever Uses For Duct Tape


Its now a well known joke. “If you have an issue, duct tape can fix it!”. However, the more we researched this, it became more and more evident, this was not at all just a joke, but more of an honest tip than anything. Aside from the common uses we all already know of. We set out to find some of the lesser known ways people have used duct tape in a pinch. Hopefully one day these handy duct tape hacks can help you too. We hope you will enjoy these real world examples of clever uses for duct tape below.

Make a rope

A good rope is almost as useful as a roll of duct tape, so why not combine the two? Duct tape has high tensile strength, which actually makes it a great material for rope making. To make a duct tape rope, cut three equal lengths of duct tape. Fold each piece in half, lengthwise, and then braid them together.

Once you have your duct tape rope, you can use it for anything you’d use a regular rope for. Tie things down, make a clothes line to dry your laundry, etc.

Make an Insect Barrier

We all know duct tape is sticky, but maybe we don’t realize just how sticky it really is. It’s actually strong enough to trap bugs. To trap flies and mosquitoes, take pieces of duct tape, make long loops out of them, and hang them from the ceiling. Or, you could just do what these homeowner’s did to keep the caterpillars out of their apple trees and put some duct tape around the tree trunk. This funny duct tape solution actually works.

duct tape crafts

Seal a bag of chips

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of stale potato chips. There are plenty of products tailor made for protecting your precious crunchy snacks in pristine condition. You can even find devices that will heat-seal your chip bag after every snack. That seems excessive, especially when a roll of duct tape is all you need.
Roll the top of the bag down, and tape it shut with duct tape. Job done.

duct tape waxing

Remove unwanted hair

Removing hair by the root results in smoother skin and keeps the area hairless longer than shaving. But pouring hot wax on yourself to remove unwanted hair just seems like a recipe for disaster, and paying someone else to do it is expensive.
Fortunately, there’s a better way: duct tape. That’s right, duct tape works just as well and it’s far cheaper and easier. Just slap a strip of duct tape over the hair, give it a minute to make sure it’s really, firmly adhering to everything, and rip it off fast.

duct tape tire fix, duct tape car

Fix a tire

Got a flat? Duct tape. Cracks in the tire? Duct tape. Need more traction? Duct tape. Use it to patch holes, hold old tires together, and augment your worn tire treads. What could possibly go wrong? Oddly enough, this funny duct tape solution actually works.

duct tape on a car

Keep your luggage secure

How many times have you found yourself scrounging for rope and bungie cords to strap your luggage or cargo to the roof of your car. Instead of trying to tie complicated knows and hoping they hold up or dealing with sharp bungie cord hooks, just reach for your duct tape.
Duct tape, properly applied, will secure your items just as well as rope or bungie cords, but with far less hassle. Use long strips and make sure that there are several strips of tape on each side of the luggage to hold it down tight.

duct tape couch, duct tape crafts

Fix upholstery

Sooner or later, we all find “our chair.” That one glorious piece of furniture that fits us perfectly, provides support in all the right places and ruins us for all other furniture. Or maybe, for you, it’s a couch. Or a pillow. Whatever it is, everyone has one, and it’s a sad day indeed when the upholstery finally begins to give out.
You could replace it, but what are the odds you’ll find a piece of furniture that comfortable again? You could have a professional reupholster it, but that’s expensive. Or, you can just slap a strip of duct tape over and keep enjoying your favorite chair forever.

duct tape funny

Open a jar

Don’t bother with hot water or a kitchen towel. Duct tape is a far better tool for opening jars. Wrap the lid in such a way that a “handle” of tape sticks out, and use this to pull the jar. The powerful adhesive will give you enough grip to open any lid.

Fix in a hole in the wall

Sometimes, walls get holes. Sometimes it’s from an accident, or just an aging wall. Whatever caused it, fixing a hole in the wall is usually a pain. Not with duct tape, though. With duct tape you can fix holes in the wall in record time. Just cut a strip of duct tape, stick it over the hole, and you’re done.

Patch a cracked toilet

Look, toilets break. They’re made of porcelain, after all. Toilet repairs are no joke, and we all know how expensive plumbers can be. But there’s no need to call a plumber for a simple cracked toilet. Duct tape forms a water tight seal, so you just need to cover that crack with duct tape.
Ladies, this can also be a permanent solution to the toilet seat problem. A few strips of duct tape, properly placed, and you’ll never have to remind him to leave the seat down again.

duct tape sling

Sling for a broken arm

Once the cast is on, you still need to immobilize a broken arm. Slings are easily available, of course, but they just…lack a little something. Why not use duct tape to immobilize your arm in style? Make yourself a duct tape rope, or just tape the arm to your shirt or chest. Simple, easy, and so much cooler than real sling.

duct tape car

Hold a convertible top together

Convertibles are great. Nothing looks cooler than cruising down the street on a sunny day with the top down. But at some point the top has to come back up, and, unfortunately, those cloth tops don’t always handle standard wear and tear as well as the rest of the car. A hole in the top is a big problem; it lets in the cold and rain, which defeats the whole point of the top in the first place.
No worries, though, because you have duct tape and duct tape fixes literally anything. Just cut a nice long strip of duct tape and you can patch that hole in no time.

duct tape wallet


What’s just as durable as leather but at a fraction of the cost? Yep, duct tape. Ever wonder how to make a duct tape wallet There are countless guides on how to do this, but it may take you’re a couple of tries before you’re able to make a wallet that looks nice. That’s ok- it’s duct tape. A few mistakes won’t cost you anything. This funny duct tape solution actually works.

Hem your jeans

Jeans, slacks, dress pants, dresses, all need to be hemmed for proper fit. It’s always a hassle, though, to take your clothes to have them hemmed. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have the sewing skills necessary to hem your own clothing but the rest of us have to make do with other methods.
Fortunately, duct tape can help you here, too. Roll the hems up to the appropriate length and use duct tape to hold them in place. You’ll have to reapply your tape every time you wash your clothes, but it’s easy to do.

duct tape on a plane

Plane repairs

If astronauts use duct tape to fix shuttles and space stations, it’s surely good enough to plane repairs. It’s probably a lot faster and easier to apply than other solutions, too. Which would you prefer: a major delay while extensive repairs are performed before your flight can take off, or a quick and easy application of duct tape that gets your plane off the ground on time. Easy choice, right?

duct tape DIY

Hold a book together

Old books fall apart easily. The spine wears out and the pages start to come loose. Paperbacks are especially prone to problems like that. Normally, people just throw them out and buy new copies if they want to read them again. Instead of throwing your book away, duct tape it. A thorough coating of duct tape will hold the book together forever. That’s right, duct tape fixes books, too.

duct tape wart

Remove warts – Duct tape warts

This funny duct tape solution actually works. Duct tape, once again, can solve all your problems. Apply a piece of duct tape to the wart you want to remove, press it on firmly, and rip it off quickly. You may have to do this more than once to be sure that you’ve removed the entire wort. Brace yourself, though, because this technique can hurt a bit.

duct tape funny


Not all cupholder’s are big enough to do their job well. And, not all cars have enough cupholders. But every car should have at least one roll of duct tape in it (emergency preparedness is important, people.) That gives you an extra cupholder that’s big enough to handle whatever drinks you throw at it.

duct tape shoes


If you can make a dress out of duct tape, and a tuxedo out of duct tape, the next logical step is to make your shoes out of duct tape. You might need some additional materials if you want arch support or heels, but duct tape shoes are functional, stylish, and cheap. They’re also waterproof and nearly indestructible.

duct tape DIY

Duct tape kayak

Let’s say you’d like to go fishing, or paddle a kayak along a peaceful shoreline. Or maybe even enjoy some whitewater kayaking. Real kayaks are great, but making your own is so much more satisfying. You don’t even need special materials for it, just a roll of duct tape and a few bits of wood. Duct tape is waterproof, so it’s an ideal material for boat building. It’s not clear why the Navy hasn’t caught on to this yet.

duct tape camper

Build your own camper

There’s no better way to see America than a road trip, and there’s no better way to do a road trip than in an RV or camper. You never have to check in to a hotel or unload your luggage. And, making your own camper is pretty easy, too. Duct tape makes weatherproof walls and ceilings that can handle any conditions. You’ll need a trailer and something to frame it with, but building the walls is as simple as wrapping the whole thing in duct tape.

Keep people quiet

People are annoying and loud. Unfortunately, the loudest and most annoying ones are also the least likely to respond to polite request to shut their mouths. Enter: duct tape. Duct tape is an efficient and effective method of quieting your most annoying acquaintances. One strip of duct tape, applied directly to the mouth, can yield hours of blissful silence.

duct tape roses

Flowers that will never die

Sure, flowers are pretty and they smell great. But for how long? With a bouquet of fresh flowers you get, at best, a week or two of enjoyment before the petals begin to shrivel and darken. Duct tape, however, lasts forever.
A bouquet of duct tape roses never dies, never loses it’s vibrant color, and never drops petals. It doesn’t smell like flowers but that’s what air fresheners are for, anyway. If you don’t want to bother making them, someone, somewhere on the internet, will sell them to you.

duct tape babysitter, funny duct tape

Instant babysitter

Sometimes, you just need a break from watching the kids. Somehow, you need to keep the kids out of trouble while you binge-watch shows on Netflix or catch up on your sleep. With duct tape, you can easily secure your children out of harm’s way. You can even keep them quiet while you’re at it.
Strap them up off the ground, too, or they may be able to get enough leverage with their feet to pull free. And be sure to use as much duct tape as you can- this isn’t the time to be stingy.

duct tape mailbox

Build a mailbox

Everyone needs a mailbox, of course. Most of the time, they come with the house. You may find yourself in need of a new one, though. Whether yours is damaged or destroyed somehow, or you simply tire of the plain old mailbox, duct tape can help you.
All you need is a solid post, a mason jar, and a roll of duct tape and you’ll have a homemade mailbox. Easy to build, hard to break.

duct tape crafts

Get a fire started

Did you know duct tape is flammable? It’s not exactly considered one of it’s main selling points, but it catches fire surprisingly easily. Starting a fire requires kindling- small pieces of fuel that catch fire quickly and carry the flame to the larger pieces of fuel.
Duct tape is great kindling. Roll it up into a ball and set it on fire. You won’t be sorry.

duct tape key hiding

Hide your valuables

Spare car or house keys and emergency credit cards are useful for everyone, but you have to keep them somewhere you’ll have easy access to. That, naturally, can be a bit dangerous. Obviously you don’t want extra keys for your car or house left out in the open, but some of the common products for disguising them are very effective anymore.
People know to look for fake rocks and the like, now. A better idea is to take a strip of duct tape and use it to secure them somewhere out of sight. Inside the wheel well of your car, for instance.

duct tape hose fix

Patch a hose

Garden hose, panty hose, any kind of hose. Duct tape sticks to anything and forms a water tight seal, so it’s useful to patch any kind of hole. A leaky garden hose is easy to fix with the proper use of duct tape. Panty hose can last years longer when it’s patched up. Even the various hoses in your car engine can be patched with duct tape.

duct tape craft

Warm your feet

Duct tape isn’t just sticky and waterproof- it’s also a surprisingly good insulator. During winter, a thorough wrapping of duct tape can help keep your feet warm. If you notice your shoes are aging and your feet are colder than usual, there’s no need to go out and buy new shoes. Just duct tape the ones you have.

Hang your Christmas lights

Putting up Christmas lights is already a long, tedious process. Using stables or clips to hold the lights up just makes it take longer. Instead of fussing around with a staple gun or any other tools, just grab your trusty roll of duct tape and get to work.
All you need is a small strip of tape every few feet and those lights will stay up forever, if you want them too. Wind, rain and snow won’t do a thing to duct tape.

Patch your siding

As houses age, the materials used to build them wear out. The siding, especially, can break down with exposure to the elements. Fixing or replacing it is a real pain, but it’s also not always necessary. Cracks and holes in the siding can easily be treated with nice long strips of duct tape. You’ll have weatherproof repairs done in no time.

duct tape window fix

Fix a broken window

Window cracks can spread quickly and ruin the whole thing. Before the window shatters, slap some duct tape on the crack or chip. The tape provides structural reinforcement and it will prevent the crack from shattering. No need to call a repairman or have them replaced when you’ve got duct tape lying around.

uses for duct tape

Hold your pants up

Who needs a belt when you have duct tape? The same goes for suspenders. As long as duct tape is available, such products are completely unnecessary. You could just tape the pants to your shirt, of course, but that’s such a crude solution. Instead, fashion the tape into belt- it’s much like making it into a rope. Thread it through the belt loops, tie it tight, and you’ll never have to worry about your pants slipping again.

duct tape dress

Prom outfits

Have you seen the prices for prom dresses lately? The tux rentals aren’t much better, and sometimes they’re even more expensive. It’s utterly ridiculous to pay that much money for something that only gets worn for one night.
So, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on dress or tux rentals, reach for that roll of duct tape. That’s right, you can make your own dresses and tuxedos for a fraction of the cost. Duct tape comes in several different colors, to. Do it right and no one will even notice what your outfit is made of.

duct tape crafts

Headlights for your bicycle

Riding your bike at night doesn’t have to be dangerous. There are plenty of safety products for nighttime biking. Reflective strips for your bike and your clothing are great, but in addition to making sure you can be seen, you need to see what’s in front of you. You can buy small electric lights to mount on the bike, and they work fine.
But, if you already have flashlights and duct tape, why bother buying new lights? All you need to do is tape your flashlights to the handlebars.

Waterproof your shoes

Wet feet? Not a problem if you have duct tape. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Duct tape is water proof, which means anything you cover I duct tape is waterproof. Frankly, it’s a bit surprising that everyone in cities like London or Seattle isn’t walking around with shoes covered in duct tape. Just be sure to cover them thoroughly- it only works if every inch of the shoe is taped up.

duct tape funny

Lawnchair webbing

Rather than replacing your old lawn chairs, just fix them. The webbing in lawn chairs wears out much faster than the frames, so it seems kind of wasteful to throw them out when the webbing is gone. Luckily, duct tape has plenty of tensile strength to support your weight. Create new webbing by out of duct tape. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors start asking for chairs just like them, though.

duct tape pool

Pool liner

Pool liners develop holes and cracks all the time. It’s one of the most frustrating parts of pool ownership, especially because having it professionally repaired costs an arm and a leg. Duct tape saves the day again, though. Duct tape easily patches the cracks, tears, and holes in pool liners without the need for professional help. Just be sure to drain the pool first.

duct tape nail replacement

Use when you’re out of nails

Nails and duct tape have so much in common. They’re the same color. They both hold things together. Really, there’s no reason you can’t use duct tape instead of nails in a pinch. Holding two pieces to wood together, constructing a bird house, or making your own furniture- duct tape is useful for all of them.
Any project that requires nails or screws can be done with duct tape, too. Maybe it’s not what the professionals would do, but you’re not a professional, are you?

Heal a broken thumb

A thick enough wrapping of duct tape can immobilize anything. Broken thumbs and fingers are awful- painful enough to require some medical attention but not serious enough to make you feel like the trip to the doctor was worth it. Instead of wasting your time in a doctors office, grab your duct tape and start wrapping. Don’t stop until you can’t move the thumb at all.

duct tape face mask

Make a face mask

It’s a brave new world, folks, and face masks sure seem like they’re here to stay for a while. Disposable face masks are wasteful and expensive, so most people prefer to buy reusable cloth face masks. But hey, why spend the money on a cloth facemask? Duct tape can do the job just as well. You don’t even need to design a mask- just stick some tape over your nose and mouth and you’re good to go.

duct tape uses

Keep your boat running

Whether you need to hold the motor onto your boat, or hold the motor together, duct tape is a boat owner’s best friend. Apply it to the motor, the hull, the seats, the cooler, everything. There’s nowhere on your boat that duct tape can’t help. If you can build an entire kayak out of duct tape, you can definitely keep your bass boat running with it.

Emergency shoelace

You’re out in public, and your shoelace breaks. Or frays. Or gets…stolen? Apparently emergency shoelaces are a thing people find themselves in need of. Instead of carrying around a pack of shoelaces, just turn to your trusty roll of duct tape- you do keep one with you at all times, right?
Cut a 3-foot length of duct tape, and fold it in thirds lengthwise. Voila! Instant, indestructible shoelaces. They’ll last so long you may wany to just go ahead and replace all your shoelaces with duct tape.

duct tape crafts, duct tape sunglasses holder

Keep your glasses on

If there’s one thing that’s constantly annoying glasses wearers, it’s that our glasses have an annoying tendency to slide down and even fall off completely. Instead of just putting up with this, why not use some duct tape to secure them in place? A few small pieces can make all the difference- stick them on the earpieces, the nose, around the lenses, and anywhere else. Your glasses won’t budge an inch until you want them to.

duct tape hammock

Make a hammock

Hammock’s are the ultimate way to relax. Whether it’s tied between two palm trees on a beach or the support posts of your front porch, it’s impossible to be stressed or worried while your swinging in a hammock. Instead of buying one, why not make one? It’s easier than you think: all you need is a roll of duct tape, apparently. Designs vary and you can go with a classic webbing design or a solid sheet of duct tape, but either way, you’ll be relaxing soon enough.

funny duct tape

Major car repairs

Broken windows, missing doors, tailpipes that won’t stay on, even major problems with the axle: all can be fixed with simple duct tape. Since most car problems boil down to “something is loose that shouldn’t be loose,” duct tape has nearly limitless uses in auto repair. The next time you think your mechanic is scamming you, ask yourself: could I fix this with duct tape?

duct tape car

Keep your bumper on

This one deserves a separate mention, simply because it’s by far the most common auto repair to use duct tape for. And, really, it’s a perfect solution. Duct tape will hold you bumper up almost indefinitely. You do need to be careful in the summer, though, because the heat can melt the adhesive. Always applied a fresh layer of duct tape on hot summer mornings.

Hold cracks in the wall together

There’s really no need to worry about major cracks in a building, so long as there’s duct tape available. Buildings shift over time with the ground they’re on, so it’s only natural for walls and even foundations to develop cracks eventually. The thing is, they’ll just keep developing cracks as time goes on. Instead of expensive, professional repairs, just hold the whole thing together with good old duct tape.

Turn your dog into a pack animal

Have you ever thought to yourself, “my dog is great, but I wish I could use them to carry all of my stuff?” It seems like this is a pretty common complaint, because people have invented duct-tape dog panniers. These handy bags turn your dog into a convenient pack animal, and they’re made with nothing but duct tape.

Hang pictures

Who needs nails or command strips when you have duct tape? Instead of making a bunch of holes in the wall or relying on Velcro, use duct tape to hang your pictures. Take a strip of duct tape, roll it up, sticky side out, and stick it on the back of your picture before you put it on the wall. Problem solved.
Even easier, just stick the pictures onto a long strip of tape and stick one end on the wall or ceiling, the pictures will hang down right where you want them.