These Funny Road Signs Made Us Laugh And Cringe


Road signs are supposed to serve useful, even vital, purposes. You’d think that would mean that they’re always non-nonsense, clear messages to drivers and pedestrians. The reality, however, is that road signs are often pretty hilarious- sometimes unintentionally. Keep scrolling to enjoy the funniest road signs we could find.

dead end detour

What a great detour

It’s a detour, wait, it’s a dead end, wait, what do I do? Just hope you never pull up to a sign like this. That’s probably the winning strategy here. If you do, we suggest you simply turn around and go home. It’s not your day.

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Don’t forget to bring your Bible to Camp!

This has got to be a shortening for Methodist, right? Because there’s no way there’s a road sign that leads to a….camp of that nature? We love these funny road signs!

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heads up

This is actually necessary

The sign maybe wasn’t intended to be funny, but the fact that this is real advice that people actually need is funny on it’s own. If you’re not laughing, then this sign is for you.

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funny spelling mistake

Honestly, that’s impressive

It’s not entirely clear how you would measure this, but 25mph is pretty dang impressive. It also sounds pretty painful, and possibly quite dangerous.

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Is anyone else curious about the arrow on the bottom right?

The whole sign is super confusing, sure, but what’s that bottom right arrow doing? Is that a road that connects to the main road, or just an arrow that tells you where you are on the sign? We love these funny road signs!

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Stop Or Else

Out of all the stop signs in the world, you absolutely need to stop at this sign.

Gobble, Gobble, Easy On the Throttle

Everyone loves when Thanksgiving comes around, from spending time with your family, to the delicious food. Just make sure to ease up on your speed during the holidays.

Stop, but no stopping allowed

Stop! Or…don’t?

Seriously, what do you do when you approach this sign? Which rule do you follow? If you roll through the intersection without stopping, do you get a ticket? Or do you get a ticket for stopping? It’s all very confusing. We love these funny road signs!

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what do you mean, heavy?

Is this even allowed?

This sign looks like it’s been up for a while, which is surprising. We’re pretty certain that tons of people have been offended enough to try and get this sign removed… but who do you call to take down a sign like this?

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Bike wreck

Watch out!

It could be a warning for the cyclists to watch out for the trolley tracks. Or, it could be a warning for everyone else to watch out for the cyclists who hit the tracks. We like to think it’s actually both.

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Road closed

Is that really necessary?

We’d hope that it would be obvious to anybody that this road is closed, but then again, you really can’t underestimate how risky some people will be. Maybe there really is someone out there who needed this sign.

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That word can mean a lot of things, people

Get your minds out of the gutter. Virgin can mean unspoiled, new, unused, unaltered, etc. This town could be named after olive oil, for all you know. Or the airline. It could be anything. This would probably be a funny name for a boat, too. We love these funny road signs!

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Danger, planes

We don’t know, either

Is the plane peeing in the car? Who knows. If it’s bombing the car, the drawing really doesn’t see very accurate. But….what else could it be? All we can say is, if you see this sign, duck. We think. Who knows?

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giant mosquito

We’re not convinced this is hyperbole

Anyone who’s spent a summer vacation in Louisiana, Minnesota, or Alaska can tell you that, while the mosquito on this sign could be exaggerated in size, it’s not far off from the truth. People go missing in those places all the time, and, frankly, we blame the mosquitoes.

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nude and eating waffles

That’s oddly specific

It’s weird, of course. We’d really like to know where they got the waffles, and why someone felt the need to put up a warning sign. We’re assuming that someone was uniquely traumatized by the combination of nude strangers and waffles, but there’s a story there that really needs to be told.

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not free wifi

“Free” indeed

Yeah yeah, it probably means the ROOMS start at $59.99, but come one, that’s not what the sign says at all. Before you ruin it by pointing out that it’s just a typo, let’s all take a minute to enjoy it.

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Designated Driver

A friendly reminder to never drive impaired. Imagine driving under this on the highway.


Drivers have to be alert in this area, drunk people are walking through.

Temperature Not Speed Limit

Some drivers confuse the temperature for the speed limit. It’s 95°, not 95 mph.

Inside jokes

Sometimes, dad jokes are the best jokes

Yeah, we know, it’s a little corny. Ok it’s a lot corny. But sometimes corny is still funny, and if this sign didn’t make you giggle you’ve got no sense of humor.

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HOV Lane

I know it might looking tempting during traffic, but don’t drive in the HOV lane by yourself. Unless you just want to get a ticket.

don't drink and drive

They’re not wrong

Admit it, this is so much better than “don’t drink and drive.” Its catchy, it rhymes, it puts a smile on your face. And, its true. Driving after whisky is, indeed, risky.

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slow children

But use whatever ammo you like

Clearly one of these applies to the paved areas and one applies to the unpaved terrain but…it’s not a good look – we’ll tell you that much.

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Where does it go?

Even the guy on the sign looks confused

Seriously, the guy holding the fuel pump looks deeply confused by what’s going on. He has no clue what to do. He doesn’t know if this is some kind of new gas-powered wheelchair he’s supposed to fuel up or if the guy just needs help fueling up his car.

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Failed road

Why not close the road?

Surely, if the road is failed, it should be closed off, right? A failed road sounds like it’s probably a place you don’t want people to drive, but it also sounds like exactly the kind of place people will ignore warning signs.

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Slow kittens

Must be a lot of kittens

We’re used to seeing signs to warn us about children playing near the road, pedestrians, or wildlife. But kittens is definitely a new one. It must be a lot of kittens if they’re spilling out into the road.

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Which way?

Wait, what?

Hold on, which way are the drivers supposed to go? Normally if there are multiple options each sign tells you why you should go that way, but here the drivers are just left to fend for themsevles. Good luck, drivers! We love these funny road signs!

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Sign not in use

Why does this exist?

Really, what’s the point? Someone, somewhere, was paid to make this sign, and someone else was paid to put it up. All so we, the public, would know that there’s currently no need for a sign at this particular spot. Excellent work.

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Boring, Oregon

This could have two meanings

1.The town really is so boring that the residents named it Boring, in which case, why would you visit it? Or, 2. The town may be great but the residents are so hostile to tourists that they named their town Boring in hopes of preventing tourism. Either way it sounds like the kind of place you don’t want to be.

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Beware of cows

You really have to watch out for cows

Cows may look innocent and harmless, but they’re 2,000 pounds animals with horns that are being raised for meat. There’s bound to be some anger issues there, and an angry cow is little more than 1-ton meat missile. Watch yourself next time you’re driving through cow country.

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Kangaroo attack

Kangaroos may be more dangerous than cows

They’re smaller, and they lack horns, but they kick a lot harder. Plus they live in Australia, and anything that can survive in the wild in Australia is automatically very scary. Be careful around those kangaroos, people. We love these funny road signs!

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tank crossing

It really seems like this is an understatement

As you’re driving along this right, it’s entirely possible that a tank is going to appear in front of you, firing it’s cannon at something. So, while “tanks crossing, sudden gunfire” is technically true, it really doesn’t feel sufficient.

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Secret nuclear bunker

Um, guys….

The first rule of secret nuclear bunkers is to not tell anybody where the secret nuclear bunker is. At least, we’re pretty sure that’s the first rule of secret nuclear bunkers. Actually, we’re pretty sure that’s first rule of anything that’s supposed to be secret.

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drunk driving

We do not recommend following this advice

“Do drunken driving” isn’t exactly the kind of advice you’d expect to see on a billboard. Frankly, it seems like really bad advice. Advice that probably shouldn’t be followed by anyone. Laugh at the sign, but don’t listen to it.

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Sloppy road

No one likes a sloppy road

Sloppy roads are just gross, plain and simple. No one likes them, but sometimes they’re all we’ve got. And before you ask, no, we don’t actually know what this is. But we can grasp the sentiment, at least.

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Mmmmm, tastes like Cheken

When we first saw this, we thought we knew what he meant by Dragon Mom. After reading the whole sign, though, we’re less certain about what he means by “mom.” And we’re a little concerned by cheken. We love these funny road signs!

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caution, worms

Is it funny, or terrifying?

We know it’s not real, but the thought of worms that big is horrible, even if it’s completely fake. Meanwhile, we’d like to see what this prankster could do with other road signs. The possibilities are endless.

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tiny grass dreaming

What do you think the actual translation is?

This can’t be the real translation. Maybe it’s the literal translation, but it can’t be the actual meaning of the words. It’s gotta be some kind of cultural slang. But, we kinda like it. Shhhh, the grass is sleeping.

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car toilet

Easy for guys, not so much for the ladies

Dudes, after all, could just sort of aim through the window if they need to. It might be uncomfortable but it would definitely get the job done. Women, though, would have a much harder time following these instructions. Maybe they’ll make an exception for them? We love these funny road signs!

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road surprise

Is anyone else kind of excited to see what the surprise is?

It says “beware,” but it’s hard not to be really curious and bit excited about this. Whatever the road surprise is, it’s gotta be pretty interesting, to say the least.

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Finally, someone who gets me

Yes. This. This is the kind of diet advice I’ve been looking for. Besides, kicking your diet off by eating all the junk food is only going to make your eventual weight less even more dramatic, so you’re really doing yourself a favor.

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How did this person see inside my house?

Who has time to clean these days, anyway? Nobody, that’s who. As long as you can find everything you need and you’ve got clean underwear, who cares what the rest of the house looks like anyway?

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day drinkers

A bright future, indeed

It’s true. But who are kids gonna learn more from- a teacher trying to keep the attention of 40 kids all at once, or their own mom who’s three margaritas deep and is finally answering all of their questions truthfully?

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weird hair

This really explains a lot

Like, all of middle school. It explains all of middle school. So remember, the next time you spot a crazy hairstyle in public, don’t judge- they’re probably just going through some stuff.

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Sad jeans

This applies to all clothes, really.

You could say the same about t shirts and button-downs, fli-flops and dress shoes, etc. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working from home this year, it’s that comfortable clothes are always better than work clothes.

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