41 Lazy Dad Hacks That You Can’t Wait To Try Out


Dad Hacks!

Parenting can be defined in a lot of ways. It’s fun, hilarious, thrilling, and difficult. While we all wish to be good parents, we can never be sure of how we’re doing. The good thing, however, is that some dads seem to be doing well and they’re not afraid of showing off their skills.

In this article, we’ll have a look at 45 lazy dad hacks that are just incredible.

No More World War

If you’ve got several kids, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to ensure they don’t break into a fight. This dad, who seems to be managing triplets, appears to have found a way to fit three kids in a car with no risk of sibling rivalry all by using cardboard. This’ll work until they’re old enough to cut a hole in the wall.

dad hack 2

Hammock Hammock Everywhere

Kids love hammocks and they don’t want to hear a no. Now, you don’t have to break their hearts. All that you need is a table and a bedsheet and you’ll have a portable hammock for your child. The best thing is that you can reserve different bedsheets for different days to surprise your child. It doesn’t get better than this.

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Pepsi That Tastes Different

Here’s proof that there’s nothing smarter than a dad on a mission. It can take parents hours to convince children to have their medicine and even hours of convincing often bears no fruit. If you’re struggling then try this lazy dad hack. All you need is your child’s favorite drink and a straw. Don’t worry if they don’t like the taste, tell your child Pepsi has introduced a new flavor.

lazy dad hack

Color Color on the Wall

This might prevent your child from thinking out of the box but it’s worth it. Children are born artists and while parents might go ‘aww’ looking at their creations, they might not always be worth exhibiting, especially when they’re decorating the walls. Don’t stop your child from being creative, push them to do their best by finding a box that they can fill their way.

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Floating Stroller

Dads can be lazy but we’re also very smart and this invention is proof. The next time your child wants to go out and you’re in no mood, take out your magical stroller and go for a ride. You’d be able to cover a large distance in no time and come back home with a huge smile decorated on your child’s face.

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Preparing an Artist

Want your kids to feel resourceful? Let them paint the wooden fence with water. It will keep them busy, help them get creative, yet you’ll have nothing to worry about even if they end up with ‘paint’ covering their clothes. Not just wood, this trick might even work indoors on stain-resistant walls as well.

dad hack 7

The Beach Party

We never knew the fitted sheet was the answer to all your ‘beach’ problems. It provides a comfortable place for your child to sit in while you go and take a dip your way. Add an umbrella and enjoy shade without having to pay for it. This genius dad hack doesn’t only make beach trips more fun but affordable as well.

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Fasten Your Seatbelt

We all have a chair and a tank top; put these two together and you’ll have a free seat for your baby that’ll keep your child safe while you do your work. For more safety, you can use a belt to ensure the child doesn’t get out and stays safe.

dad hack 9

A Cleaning Baby is a Good Baby

We’re not sure who came up with this genius idea but we assure you it’s incredible. Children love to crawl and often end up leaving a mess behind. With this hack, you’ll teach your kids to clear the mess they’ve created, which will take the burden off your shoulder. You can get these onesies online or use the DIY approach to make your own.

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Wireless Controllers

Today’s controllers are wireless but your kids don’t know it, so take advantage of the situation and distribute broken or disconnected controllers to your children when they try to offer you help to cross that difficult stage. With this genius dad hack, your game time will continue to be fun.

pool noodles dad hacks

Pool Noodles for Safety

This lazy dad hack is one of our favorites as it does a good job of protecting the child from open wires that can cause serious injuries. Applying pool noodles might be a time consuming job but it will save you from the trouble of having to stand in front of the trampoline and keeping an eye on your children as they play.

dad hacks 32

The Leakproof Burrito

The thing with parents is that they don’t always have a napkin but they almost always have a diaper. The next time you have a leaking burrito, a drink, or uncontrollable tears, pull a diaper out and wrap it. However, make sure it isn’t used…those don’t work well and can cause you to smell.

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A Makeshift Slide

We look at this and we wonder why our parents couldn’t think of this lazy dad hack. All you need is a set of stairs and cardboard that’s strong enough to handle the weight of your child. Put it in place and you’ll have a fun slide for your kids to try. Make sure to resist the temptation and avoid jumping the bandwagon.

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dad hacks diaper

Putting Diapers to Good Use

Here’s another dad who got creative with diapers and gave us a hack that’s for everyone out there. We know diapers are soft and plush, which is what makes them a perfect fit to provide cushioning to your fragile materials, be it your guitar or laptop. Let’s make this normal.

dad hacks new balances

Ziplocs to the Rescue

Stop shouting at your kid to take care of their new shoes, you know it’s not gonna work. Think out of the box like this dad did and get your hands on Ziplocs to cover the shoes. Your kid might not think of you as a genius father but you’d love yourself for trying this lazy dad hack.

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The Little Garage

Build the driver of tomorrow today by designing a parking garage for your kid using an old box and pipes. You can also use other items to create your own garage and even number the cars to encourage your kid to learn to synchronize. This will make it easy to keep cars in one place and ensure the room doesn’t look messy.

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The Automatic Swing

They call it the lazy dad swing but we call it the genius dad swing. We have seen several variations of this dad hack and it wouldn’t be wrong to state that it has already turned into a trend with more and more people using this lazy dad hack to keep their kids entertained while they sip their coffee or browse the internet on their phones.

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Heat Pizza on the Iron with a Blow Dryer

When you get hungry you get creative. This hack shows you don’t need an oven or a microwave to heat up food. This guy heated up his pizza on an iron with a blow dryer.

dad hack 18

Dad Dreadlocks Take You Places

The next time someone criticizes your deadlocks or suggests that you get a haircut, pull out your phone and show this genius hack to them and we’re sure they’d be asking you for tips on how to grow hair faster and stronger. The only issue is that it can take years for hair to grow this long.

Pizza in a Toaster

Once again, hunger can bring out anyone’s creativity. While this might not be the most convenient way of heating up pizza, it is effective.

parenting hack 101

Hit the Bull’s Eye

Prepare tomorrow’s shooters today by using your toilet. Draw a target or use a sticker that’s made for wet surfaces. While this hack might not really help your kid win a gold medal in the future, it will ensure you have less work to do in the toilet once they come out after taking a piss.

dad hack 28

Not Missing a Dose

Keeping a schedule of your child’s medicine can be very tricky. With this clever dad hack, you’ll always be on schedule and never miss a dose. Draw a simple calendar on the bottle and mark accordingly. You can even create a ‘date’ section for more ease. Since adults can forget it too, we suggest everyone tries this creative hack.

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Don’t Waste a Thing

Do you have an old crib or table lying around doing nothing? Be like this genius dad and turn it into an art table or workstation for your child. They can use this as a study table as well. Add a suitable chair and you will have a working set for your baby.

dad hack 22

Starting Them Young

We wish we could see the genius who invented this incredible hack that will keep your child busy for a while. This hack can encourage kids to learn to clean. It makes the job easier and more fun. Plus, the tape is very easy to apply and remove, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

dad hack 16

Helmet for the Baby

‘Don’t worry, bee happy’ with this genius dad hack that provides a great layer of safety to your child. Watching your child learn to sit and walk is both exciting and scary. You never know when they’d fall and roll. Since parents can’t always keep an eye out, it’s best to count on a product like this, and if you aren’t willing to spend money on a new product then create your own by using an old cushion and adding straps to it.

dad hack 24

The Perfect Prop Does Not Exi…..

Having difficulty keeping your child still during photoshoots? Use daddy’s comfortable tummy as a prop and you’ll have nothing to worry about. While this will make the job easier, mind you, the child might get too comfortable and sleep on the tummy but we hope you won’t mind it.

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The Ghostbuster

Is your child scared of scary monsters living under the bed? Use this genius monster spray to help your kid get rid of monsters and save some time. You won’t be hearing them yelling for help, they’d learn to keep things under control on their own unless you live in Hill House.

parenting hack 101

The Outdoor Crib

Want to take your child outside but scared of the sun and mosquitoes? You’re not the only one. This is a common problem faced by parents and this dad seems to have found the best solution. Use a bedsheet to cover the crib and put all your worries to rest. You can do your things as your child watches you work.

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The Family That Works Together

Too lazy to find your missing charger or glasses? Be creative like this dad and turn it into a treasure hunt and have your kid do all the work on your behalf. Don’t be too surprised if you find your missing items in only a few minutes since they might have been hidden by the person trying to find ‘em.

dad hack 20

The Perfect Drip Catcher

We don’t know of an adult that doesn’t need this genius dad hack that saves not just cleaning time but also the car, clothes, and everything else in between. All that you need is a coffee mug holder and you’re good to go. We think it’s time that we make this hack more popular.

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The Lollipop That Runs Forever

Kids love lollipops but they don’t always know how to finish them. If you’re sick of wasting lollipops then all that you need is a plastic egg that can keep unfinished lollipops clean for later use. However, remember that the expiry for used lollipops is pretty short so be sure to know when to waste it.

dad hack 11

The Secret of Sweet Beans

This genius and funny dad hack works like a charm. It can help keep your sweet treats safe from not only your kids but everyone else interested in taking a bite. Pick something boring, empty the contents, and place your treasure inside. Now nobody’s gonna touch it but make sure they can’t see what you’re hiding inside.

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No More Locking ‘em Out

Be a superhero to your children by protecting them against the evil door that can lock without a warning. This trick can be very useful if your kids are too young to unlock the door. The good thing about this genius hack is that it doesn’t prevent the door from closing, it only stops it from locking.

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They Come at Night

Is your child interested in a little magic and the fairytale world shown in the Disney movies? Inspire them a little by hiding little fairies in the garden and asking your child to wait for them. It’s a fun dad hack that might leave your child both happy and angry. Don’t blame us if your daughter avoids talking to you for days though.

dad hack 14

Permanent Love

The love of a parent is permanent, but the hand has to do several chores. If your child is too young to understand that then take a leaf out of this genius dad’s book and use a bean filled glove to give your child the comfort he or she needs. They’ll never find it out and you’d still be the best dad ever.

mom hacks barbie

The Zombie Barbie

A genius dad is the one who doesn’t let anything go to waste. Your darling lost her doll’s head? Worry not, you don’t have to buy a new one. Get your hands on a sharpie or permanent marker and draw a head on what’s left. All well till the doll starts talking.

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Missing the Headless Chicken?

Just in case you were wondering where the head from our previous post went, we’ve found it for you. This isn’t a lazy dad hack but a crazy dad hack that’ll either leave everyone in splits or running for safety. Whatever the outcome, we think this one is a must try this Halloween or weekend, if you are as impatient as we are.

dad hack 15

The Colorful Coloring Case

This is a fun hack that can help you save money. Crayons usually come with boxes that don’t last very last. So, look around and pick a DVD cover and you have a new coloring case that you can decorate in a creative manner. You can even encourage your kid to use crayons to create an attractive coloring box to bring out the hidden artist in them.

dad hacks-2

The Helping Hand

Children need attention at all hours. We understand this thankless job can often get tiring, especially when it requires you to do nothing but sit with a bottle in hand. With this clever dad hack, you’d be free to do whatever you want to without compromising on your child’s feed.

parenting hacks

Birds of a Feather

This genius dad hack solves a lot of problems. You will have no difficulty finding your children when they wander away. Plus, you won’t find yourself out of words if your partner randomly asks what color they’re wearing. With the right outfit, you might even end up getting featured in articles online. After all, the internet loves happy families.

dad hacks 40

Protecting Those Fingers

This hack does a lot more than just ensuring your child does not get locked. It reduces the risk of smashed fingers by preventing the door from going shut. The only downside is that your child will have to compromise on privacy. For this reason, we suggest you don’t install this one on your bathroom doors.

dad hacks puppy holder

The Puppy Holder

Who knew a hoodie could double as a puppy holder. With this genius hack, you’d be able to go out with your puppy right by your side. This doesn’t only provide a layer of security to the pet but also offers a warm hug. We assure you, this incredible dad hack is gonna get you a lot of stares and awws.

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dad hacks 43

The Eww Drink

Want to have all the juice for yourself? Do as this cool dad did and write a warning note on the box so that they’re too afraid to touch it. The good thing is that this dad hack works for all kinds of food. No more coming home to enjoy your favorite food and finding the refrigerator empty.

dad hacks 45

The Back Mirror

We know you’re doing a lot of things on that computer and you don’t want the world to know what you’re up to. While you can’t do much to stop Zuckerberg from reading your messages, you can use this genius hack to ensure nobody close to you knows what you’re doing on that computer.