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adventures tree removal

Adventures in Amateur Tree Removal

An underpowered chainsaw and a tree that simply would not give up – sounds like the making for some sort of disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully, in this case, the…

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loading volvo

How To Load a Car Into a Semi Like a Boss

Volvo is famous for making reliable luxury performance sedans and station wagons. With starting MSRPs ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 for select packages, it’s something we’d all expect would be…

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Why This Hooters Girls Proves You Should Learn Golf in Reverse

This Girl Proves You Should Learn Golf in Reverse

I don’t know if we can even give an A for effort here, folks. The Hooters girl is hot for sure, but her golf swing is down right ugly. Maybe…

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RC Train Pulls Excavator

Bet You’ve Never Seen A Train Do This, Lucky Excavator!

I bet if you have worked on the railroad for any length of time, you have probably not had a day like this. These guys seem to be having a…

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chainsaw engine

V8 Chainsaw Cuts Wood Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

It’s not everyday that a classic 253 ci Holden V8 gets strapped directly to a 1000 mm harvester bar. But that’s exactly what the mad geniuses at Whitlands Engineering in…

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John Deere Vs Puma 1

Epic Face-Off – John Deere Against Case Puma

If you’ve ever worked a hard day in the fields, you’ll certainly appreciate the integrity and power of a good John Deere tractor. There’s no denying it comes equipped with…

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loading water tank winch

Loading a Water Tank with a Winch

This was taken up on the northern slope of Alaska where oil workers depend upon daily shipments of fresh, drinkable water to shower, shave, and for drilling services. Because business…

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Massive Motor Grader vs Bridge

In a word this looks crazy. This guy is driving a massive motor grader over a rickety wooden suspension bridge. When he first attempts to cross the bridge, he pauses…

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RC Womens College Golf

This Female College Golf Team Will Make The Most Seasoned Opponent!

As a general rule of sportsmanship, one of the best ways to get into the head of your opponent is to show what you can do. Now, I’m not talking…

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Girl Can Steal Anything

This Girl Could Steal Anything, Even Your Lamborghini

Josh Paler Lin is at it again. If you haven’t heard of him, he is the funny Asian guy who records ridiculous pranks and then posts them on his Youtube…

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