RC Womens College Golf

This Female College Golf Team Will Make The Most Seasoned Opponent!

As a general rule of sportsmanship, one of the best ways to get into the head of your opponent is to show what you can do. Now, I’m not talking…

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Mcilroys golf shot

Was McIlroy’s Bell Golf Shot Real?

At the tenth hole at the Belfry, legendary and world renowned PGA golf champion Rory McIlroy appeared to casually belt a ball some three hundred yards to hit the iconic…

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golfer great

Paula Creamer is Not Your Average Golfer

Alright, so we all know that Paula Creamer is drop dead gorgeous. Just do a quick Google search of her and you will see what I mean. She looks stunning…

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Amazing Kenyan High Jump 1

Raising the Bar with the Kenyan High Jump

Anyone who’s ever watched the Olympic High Jump competition knows that almost every jumper uses centrifugal force to overcome the bar. However, in a Kenyan high school High Jump competition,…

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Trout Fishing With A View

Ice fishing is one the most misunderstood glories of nature. This could be due to the austere conditions of the sport. Let’s face it, people don’t like being cold and…

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The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot

What do you get when you string several European tour golf championship winners together to shoot clay pigeons? Well, in short you get competition and one heck of a good…

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golf shot

Rory McIlroy vs. the Computer Golf Ball Hitting Machine

Okay, so the European Tour is pulling no punches with this challenge. Rory McIlroy is pitted against a computer controlled, golf laboratory hitting machine. As Rory makes his way to…

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