adventures tree removal

Adventures in Amateur Tree Removal

An underpowered chainsaw and a tree that simply would not give up – sounds like the making for some sort of disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully, in this case, the…

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RC Train Pulls Excavator

Bet You’ve Never Seen A Train Do This, Lucky Excavator!

I bet if you have worked on the railroad for any length of time, you have probably not had a day like this. These guys seem to be having a…

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John Deere Vs Puma 1

Epic Face-Off – John Deere Against Case Puma

If you’ve ever worked a hard day in the fields, you’ll certainly appreciate the integrity and power of a good John Deere tractor. There’s no denying it comes equipped with…

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Charter Boat Gets Unexpected Guest

At the tip of the Baja, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific for the first time, rests one of the most pristine recreational fishing reserves in the Pacific.…

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RC 4x4 river fording

Fording Australian River With A 4×4? You Better See This To Believe It

Australians are known for taking their vehicles to the very limits of what’s capable – and this is just another great example of it. A Toyota 4×4 rigged with a…

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RC Alberta Pike Catch

Is It An Alberta Trophy Pike Or A Musky? We Need Your Input

Ice fishing on the frozen lakes of Alberta can be potentially really, really rewarding. We’re talking some of the most pristine, huge fish in North America and all it takes…

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RC Scary Road 1

Thrill Seekers, Meet The Scariest Road In India

If heights make you nervous, this road in India is absolutely terrifying. We’ve got nothing domestically to compare it to, but here, you’ll get to see a bunch of British…

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Steam Tractor 1

If You Thought Steam Engines Were Dead, This Tractor Pull Shows You Different

The steam engine is commonly thought to have gone the way of the Buffalo. And for good reason – who needs an engine that runs off charcoal and coal when…

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pike fishing

Catch-and-Release Fishing Just Got Real

If you’ve been freshwater fishing for any length of time then you have certainly had your fair share of fail events. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those times…

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Duramax Mud

Why You Never Take Your Duramax Lifted Chevy Mudding Alone

Dirt roads, lifted trucks, mud bogs, sometimes you just have to go for it. That’s exactly what this lifted Duramax Chevy does. This scene is no doubt played out thousands…

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