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loading volvo

How To Load a Car Into a Semi Like a Boss

Volvo is famous for making reliable luxury performance sedans and station wagons. With starting MSRPs ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 for select packages, it’s something we’d all expect would be…

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chainsaw engine

V8 Chainsaw Cuts Wood Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

It’s not everyday that a classic 253 ci Holden V8 gets strapped directly to a 1000 mm harvester bar. But that’s exactly what the mad geniuses at Whitlands Engineering in…

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Massive Motor Grader vs Bridge

In a word this looks crazy. This guy is driving a massive motor grader over a rickety wooden suspension bridge. When he first attempts to cross the bridge, he pauses…

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truck race22

Silverado vs F-150 – Someone Gets Smoked

In racing, it’s not just a game of simple numbers – the driver is often the biggest variable. However, on the line is an example of where racing goes back…

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RC 4x4 river fording

Fording Australian River With A 4×4? You Better See This To Believe It

Australians are known for taking their vehicles to the very limits of what’s capable – and this is just another great example of it. A Toyota 4×4 rigged with a…

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RC Mustand Load Fail

Back Wheels Flail In This 2015 Ford Mustang Super Fail

Ford keeps upping the ante in terms of ferocious rear wheel torque and that smooth, classic Ford Mustang feel. However, car loaders be warned: that back wheel torque can come…

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outlander tows truck

This Can-AM Outlander Can Tow Out a Chevy 4×4

With a ROTAX® V-Twin engine capable of up to 71 horsepower, this Can-AM Outlander 800R DPS is certainly the right pull in the right place. Here, we can see a…

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zipper truck

The Golden Gate Bridge’s ‘Zipper Truck’ In Action

Joining San Francisco to the rest of Marin County, California, is the majestic and highly photographed Golden Gate bridge. This 4,200 ft suspension bridge opened in 1937 and ever since…

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Duramax Mud

Why You Never Take Your Duramax Lifted Chevy Mudding Alone

Dirt roads, lifted trucks, mud bogs, sometimes you just have to go for it. That’s exactly what this lifted Duramax Chevy does. This scene is no doubt played out thousands…

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Car Jumps Bridge

Ever See A Drawbridge Open And Think, “I Can Make It.”

It’s no simple matter careening through a roadblock and clearing an opening drawbridge, but it happened in West Palm Beach, Florida. A driver, who was supposedly looking at his GPS,…

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