Massive Motor Grader vs Bridge

In a word this looks crazy. This guy is driving a massive motor grader over a rickety wooden suspension bridge. When he first attempts to cross the bridge, he pauses momentarily and there is an exchange that occurs. At first, I wondered if the individual talking to him was warning him about making the trek over the bridge. Then, it became very apparent that this was nothing of the sort as he rolls the massive beast, slowly granted, over the suspension bridge, safely to the other side.

If you look closely at the bridge while the grader moves across, the sway is consistent with the position of the grader. It looks like this massive downward bubble slowly inches across the river until the grader safely climbs up the other side. 

A quick rundown of specs concerning motor graders will make this feat to seem even more astonishing. An average motor grader weighs in at somewhere between 39 to 45 pounds.

That is assuming a typically equipped model with a grading blade and fork. You can probably take several hundred pounds off of this one because the grading fork is not attached.

So how is the driver able to run across that rickety bridge with no fear for his own life or safety? (more…)

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To answer that lets take a closer look at suspension bridges. Suspension bridges have been around for centuries. They are the earliest type of bridge in fact. When Spanish conquis