If You Thought Steam Engines Were Dead, This Tractor Pull Shows You Different

The steam engine is commonly thought to have gone the way of the Buffalo. And for good reason – who needs an engine that runs off charcoal and coal when we have this wonderful world of petroleum products to choose from? Well, that attitude will only get you so far. When you check this out, you might notice a few things out of place. The first is the tires. That’s because steam powered tractors work off much the same principle as steam powered locomotives. The flywheel feeds directly into the drive train. This means that a steam powered tractor has more in common with a steam powered locomotive than it does a John Deere.

It’s amazing to see such a great Case Steam Tractor find its proverbial feet in the world of tractors because, let’s be honest, even at only 110 horsepower, it has more pulling potential than many diesels equal to its weight. That’s something for just feeding wood and coal into a furnace and hoping for the best. And boy do you see the sparks fly out the exhaust! There’s enough to even get coal-powered mud truck enthusiasts jealous.

Unlike it’s more advanced brethren, this 110 HP Case steam tractor puts everything on those two back wheels. With other tractors like a John Deere 6210R or a Case lH Puma 210, there’s 4 wheel drive options that bring the gear ratio to the perfect level to push up out of the muck. We’d be afraid to find out what happens when one of these steam tractors gets stuck in the deep bog. (more…)

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Who needs practicality when you have a thing like style points? When it comes to state fair tractor pulls, the steam powered tractors will always be a staple. They can pull off