Epic Face-Off – John Deere Against Case Puma

If you’ve ever worked a hard day in the fields, you’ll certainly appreciate the integrity and power of a good John Deere tractor. There’s no denying it comes equipped with a powerful V6 Diesel PowerTech engine that’s made for long days and hard terrain. But what happens when a group of bored farmers get together to find out who’s the real king of the hill?

It’s a classic show down: two high-powered tractors, one steel cable, and plenty of pride on the line. One’s an American made classic and the other is well-renowned European model known for its efficiency and raw power. But what about when the world of “specs” meets the cold hard reality of a face-to-face challenge? These farmers find out. But somehow you can tell, despite the fun of testing two extremely powerful tractors against one another, they’re not looking to destroy almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of equipment.

Deere Vs. Puma — “On The Books” There’s A Clear Winner

Horsepower will only get you so far in the world of tractors. Ultimately, it’s a good combination of torque and tow capacity that most farmers are looking for. To do some heavy lifting, we’re going to first need to take a look at what’s underneath that Case lH Puma 210 series that comes spec’d with a 19-speed 4WD diesel engine capable of generating a rated 203 hp. But when it comes time to throw on the drawbar, we quickly see that horsepower drop to 155.8 hp. Not weak by any stretch of the imagination, but what does John Deere bring to the table? (more…)

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Well, the John Deere 6210R has its mighty 6.8 L V6 Diesel PowerTech PVX engine – it’s a beast and a half for sure. It’s rated output is 240 hp. But based upon engine spec