This Can-AM Outlander Can Tow Out a Chevy 4×4

With a ROTAX® V-Twin engine capable of up to 71 horsepower, this Can-AM Outlander 800R DPS is certainly the right pull in the right place. Here, we can see a Chevy 4×4 made the mistake of choosing to confuse a soft pile of dirt for an off-roading challenge. Challenge accepted… And failed. To the truck’s defense, very few factory-line pickups could handle that steep grade of loosely packed soil.

Thankfully, this ATV rider also happened to be in the area and able to offer a helping hand. What’s not commonly known about ATVs is their versatility in a wide range of environments. While not the typical go-to vehicle for pulling a full size pickup out of a tight jam, in this situation, the Can-AM proves its worth as a premium value all terrain recreational vehicle.

Decidedly a Can-AM – Not a Can-NOT

Commonly compared against the Polaris Sportsman 850 class of ATVs, this model has a pound-for-pound power advantage over the other premium model. Packing in 9.7 hp per 100 lbs of weight, this all terrain vehicle is an understated powerhouse in this arena.

Suspension Reduces Tire Wear

Additionally, with TTI Rear Suspension, it’s able to handle the rigors of transitioning from on-road to off-road without putting unnecessary wear on the wheels. Not as great as the double A-arm rear suspension of the Polaris Sportsman 850 in taking the brunt of impact – at least there’s fewer parts to repair after the damage is assessed. (more…)

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