Trout Fishing With A View

Ice fishing is one the most misunderstood glories of nature. This could be due to the austere conditions of the sport. Let’s face it, people don’t like being cold and don’t like waking up early. There is also the fact that less than half the country can take to ice fishing, making it an even less appealing sport geographically.

The thing is, when equipped with a rod and reel, and nothing more than a bucket to sit on, ice fishing for trout can be one of the funnest adventures you could go on. The reason I name trout specifically is because they are cold weather fish. Trout tend to move towards the shallow waters during the winter, allowing dedicated ice fishers to arm themselves with rods, reels, lures, lines and the steel resolve to catch a fish.

Trout like to swim less than ten feet from the ice and tend to run parallel with it. These fish are feeding all winter long, constantly searching for a bite to eat. If that bite to eat is attached to a hook then an ice fisher has his day made. (more…)

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The ice fisherman’s resolve is tested the most when he or she wakes up. The weather is at its worst and they still have a task ahead of them. Trout hunters have the daunting