Fording Australian River With A 4×4? You Better See This To Believe It

Australians are known for taking their vehicles to the very limits of what’s capable – and this is just another great example of it. A Toyota 4×4 rigged with a fording kit allows it to almost completely submerge into the water and still keep kicking. Now, granted, steering is a bit of an issue as you’ll likely see, but it’s still incredible that this thing can go up to its cabin in deep water and keep churning.

The reason this works is because the engine is able to basically use a snorkel to feed it air. It’s not really practical in terms of day-to-day purposes but similar technology has been employed to allow military vehicles like the HMMWV to cross deep, treacherous waters and stay afloat. The idea is pretty simple but its application can be a bit rough if you find out you have an unexpected breach somewhere along the line. Flooding the engine compartment is truly only recommended if you’ve done a bit of testing beforehand and are pretty certain you can get that vehicle back out again. From the looks of this, there were more than a few vehicles on standby if this Toyota 4×4 dropped into the drink and stayed there.

Selecting The Right Fording Equipment

When you’re getting ready to take your 4×4 out into the water, there’s a couple key components you’ll need in order to ensure your rig survives the experience. Let’s start at the top. (more…)

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Water and oil don’t mix. Where you have transmission fluid, differentials, or even just regular motor oil in your engine, make sure to inspect your fluids after getting out of t