Catch-and-Release Fishing Just Got Real

If you’ve been freshwater fishing for any length of time then you have certainly had your fair share of fail events. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those times where you catch a “tree fish” or two when you go to make that fantastic cast standing on the bank. The next few hours will be spent unwinding that bird’s nest made of fishing line before you can cast a proper line.

Then there are those other times when you sling your bait completely off the hook as you make a picture perfect cast that is worthy of Field and Stream photo production quality. You look good standing on the boat, silhouetted against the afternoon sun with your arm outstretched in full cast position. They can always photo shop out the image of your bait flying across the lake, right? Even so, there are those lesser-known times where you just completely feel inept, kind of like the guy here. This sort of thing happens to you all the time… or does it?

Take a look again.

If you notice, he has a set of fish grips to help pull the hook from the fish’s mouth and release it back into the water. However, as much as he tries, that fish just won’t let go. It seems like when he set the hook with his rod and reel, he really did a fantastic job. That lure is lodged pretty tight down in the throat cavity. Yet, in the end the fish grips win out and the hook is yanked free.

Well, rather, the fish flops free of the hook and splashes back into the water.

The little fish, appearing to be some sort of Pike, calmly swims away for a few seconds only to dart back to the surface and snatch something shiny once again. It may take a couple of views to get it straight before you see it, but what actually happens is the fish strikes the lure attached to the second rod and reel. (more…)

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