Is It An Alberta Trophy Pike Or A Musky? We Need Your Input

Ice fishing on the frozen lakes of Alberta can be potentially really, really rewarding. We’re talking some of the most pristine, huge fish in North America and all it takes is several strong layers of clothing, some fishing line, and a few good traps. Well, now we’re confronted with a real mystery – is the trophy Pike we see one man pulling up out of the ice an actual Pike or an elusive doppleganger known as the Musky? Before you tell us which in the comments below, take a look and read on as we go into our theories.

For those unfamiliar, tiger muskies are the sterile product of a northern pike and a true muskie. Muskies – also known as Muskellunge – often get confused as northern pike by even some experienced fishermen. They can be found in the lakes of both Ontario and Alberta and can grow to some enormous lengths. They’re related to the pike but are often called the “ugly pike” due to their appearance. They’re very predatory and extremely prone to ambush style tactics. Their skin has an almost tiger-like appearance which can often get confused with the northern pike, who have more of a leopard dot pattern.

Taste-wise, they’re both comparable and definitely good eating. But, for competition, muskies and their sterile cousins the tiger muskies, can catch up a lot of competitive fishermen in the race to find that perfect trophy pike on the frozen lakes of Alberta. (more…)

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If you take a look at this, you’ll see a clear pattern on the skin of this fish as it comes out of the water. Based upon this leopard print skin, our first guess is that this is