This Girl Proves You Should Learn Golf in Reverse

I don’t know if we can even give an A for effort here, folks. The Hooters girl is hot for sure, but her golf swing is down right ugly. Maybe it is the shorts she’s wearing, yeah that’s it. Those tight shorts could be restricting her movement. Whatever the reason, she completely misses the ball when she swings. Yet, before you pass judgment on this club swinging vixen, let’s remember a few things. It takes, on average, five years to learn the game of golf… if you go at your own pace.

This according to Troy Voyanos of Hitting it Solid. He says that you could learn much faster with lessons, though. Also, remember that most of the toughest shots in the game are not made from where the Hooters beauty is standing. That first drive is important, but it is not the best way to improve your overall score. Most newbie golfers tend to focus on trying to crush the ball 300 yards when that is completely unnecessary. There is a much quicker way to improve your game.

How to Make Par Quickly

Most of your shots will be made from under 100 yards. Keeping that in mind, the easiest way to improve your score is to focus on your short game. All of a sudden, those par three holes become pretty important! To start off, focus on your putting skills. Once you can shave a stroke or two off of your putting green, move to your irons. Seven, eight, and nine irons are what you need to master in order to really keep your short game tight. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you place the ball on the green with one stroke of your 7 iron. (more…)

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You may want to spend some time on a short course before you do that, though. Short courses are typically nine holes or less, and most of the time they can be played with short ir