This Female College Golf Team Will Make The Most Seasoned Opponent!

As a general rule of sportsmanship, one of the best ways to get into the head of your opponent is to show what you can do. Now, I’m not talking about those cheesy wrestling videos where grown men with roid rage scream at each other in gravelly voices. That might work for overgrown adults who still think the sport is real, but not so much for golf and especially college golf. This features SDSU college golf, specifically, featuring the Lady Aztecs.

If I were an opposing team, I would get really nervous seeing it simply because it showcases their skill in an entirely different matter. The best way to explain it is to use an analogy from another sport… football. It’s common for football teams to see footage of opponents in past games to get a feel for the opposing team, their plays, defense, etc. Golf teams do this a little bit from time to time, but it is not as effective when it comes to training.

The biggest challenge is the golf course itself. If you learn to play the course well, you can beat your opponent. Therefore, footage of your team playing a particular golf course would be of very little value to a gold coach and it would not rile up your opponent like this one. 
No, you need to post like San Diego University did with the Lady Aztecs featuring your girls performing gratuitous trick shots and impossible feats of skill. (more…)

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I mean let’s be honest. Even a seasoned pro would get nervous seeing these girls perform these trick shots! It’s one thing to be good at golf, it’s another thing to show how