Thrill Seekers, Meet The Scariest Road In India

If heights make you nervous, this road in India is absolutely terrifying. We’ve got nothing domestically to compare it to, but here, you’ll get to see a bunch of British travelers taking a van ride down one of the most absolutely horrifying roads through the Himalayas. There’s no guard rails and it’s pretty evident there’s just a straight drop to the bottom some thousands of feet below. If you get stuck on this road, you’d likely have a real hard time getting out.

The closest thing in the United States to the scariest road in India is ‘Eye of the Needle’ pass in South Dakota. And even that is extremely tame in comparison to looking down and seeing nothing but a straight drop below. These British adventurers took it all in good stride, though, laughing and joking with the van driver.

Exotic Adventures In India

In India, guides get paid a pretty decent sum to expedite foreigners through extremely rough terrain. There’s no civil guidelines for the engineering of roads in India, so often it just comes down to what you can stomach rather than what’s safe. With a width of maybe eight feet total, the road is heavily degraded. (more…)

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There’s one part where these British adventurers are passing underneath a running waterfall down the cliff side. If they weren’t already worried about the road giving way ben