Girl Fights Shark And Almost Loses, Badly!

A lot of strange things can happen in Everglades National Park, including catching monster sharks. This features none other than Darcizzle in action herself. While it is nice to see a babe in a bikini, seeing one fight a monster shark provokes an entirely different level of hotness for us guys. Leave the bikini brand for the beach.

We like to see our women on the ocean fighting Goliath sea creatures. Check this out for yourself and you will see a real life version of beauty and the beast. Only in this version, the beast does not growl and snarl, he kicks and thrashes like a fat kid being pulled from a candy store. Not the most politically correct illustration I know, but it certainly gets the point across.

Bull Sharks in the EverGlades?

That’s the thing about the Everglades though my friends. It can paint a lot of pictures for you. The unpredictable is always on tap as something that can be served up hot, definitively and swiftly, regardless of the time of day. Known most often for its gators and pythons, you forget that there are these types of wildlife lurking out there as well. Charter saltwater fishing trips are usually something we think of with places set against pristine coastline and gorgeous blue water. However, there is plenty of saltwater present in the Everglades, and this type of charter fishing is a whole different breed of dangerous. Bull sharks dominate the water here. See this long enough and you will see this played out in real life. As Darcie reels in one shark, another shark attacks and they begin to fight. (more…)

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This speaks to the nature of the shark. They are indiscriminate eaters and will eat anything they can sink their teeth into… including other sharks. The saltwater is teeming