40 Vintage Photos from the 70s


Who doesn’t love a good 70s actress? There are few things as exciting as going through vintage pictures and learning about history. Photos have a way of preserving history, something that cannot be done through stories. Here are 40 vintage photos from the 70s that will give you a glimpse into our glorious history:

Olivia John

Olivia John on the Sets of ‘Grease’

There are only a few movies as timeless as Grease. More than 40 years on and it still remains popular today. One of the most iconic moments from the movie is Olivia’s transformation to a ‘Pink Lady’, but not in the way some would expect. Olivia rocked a full leather outfit from head to toe and quickly gained popularity – so much so that it fetched more than $405,700 at an auction. Find it interesting?

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Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall Partying at a Club

The photo shows famous model Jerry Hall enjoying the disco and dance life that the 70s were so famous for. Sitting in Studio 54, the diva is busy living the American dream. This picture, captured in New York, went on to be spread around different parts of London, earning Jerry Hall a modeling career that she gave up acting for because it paid more.

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original Charlie's Angel

The Original Charlie’s Angel

Charlie’s Angels has had its fair share of cast changes over the years, but one angel who stayed around the longest is none other than Jaclyn Smith. Fans today might not remember the now 75-year-old star as the original Charlie’s Angel but this picture does show her timeless beauty. This picture of Jaclyn Smith set down the trend of celebrity branding, and our next pick took things even higher.

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Deborah Harry band

Blondie – The Band

This picture is iconic because a girl leading a ‘boy band’ was not so common in the 70s. Deborah Harry broke boundaries when she came out as the lead of Blondie. The band successfully released tunes such as ‘Heart of Glass’ and ‘Hanging on the Telephone’ and found immense success. Deborah soon became a star and earned critical acclaim and is still remembered for breaking barriers.

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Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson – Breaking Stereotypes in the 70s

In the 70s, shows and movies were not produced as they are these days. Women followed stereotypical roles and were often just flower pots. In such times, Angie Dickinson gained popularity as the first actress to play a ‘woman police officer’ in the drama, ‘Police Woman’. Her role in the movie, although a ‘taboo’, inspired a number of women in the 70s to join the forces. Interested in some more unforgettable women?

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Pamela Hensley

Pamela Hensley Catching Gazes in her Role in Buck Rogers

Pamela Hensley started her acting career as soon as she graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, a renowned acting school in the UK. Her good looks and talent got the attention of Universal Pictures and she went on to appear in semi-popular shows such as ‘The Law’, ‘Kojak’ and ‘Emergency!’, before making it big with ‘Buck Rogers’ that brought her immense fame.

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Suzanne Somers

Remembering Suzanne Somers

Ask anyone from the 1970s about their favorite actress and most will say ‘Suzanne Somars’. She was to the 70s, what Scarlett Johansson is to us today. She went on to star in some big shows and won several awards in her short career. Her career took a turn and she lost a good chunk of her popularity because of a feud with the ABC Network. The company replaced her and she failed to find the same level of success. A 70s actress we will never forget!

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Suzan Dey

Suzan Dey, the Actress who Made it Big at 17

Initially a model, Suzan Dey was cast on the viral 70s show, The Partridge Family as Laurie Partridge at the age of 17. The show made her a star but she soon lost interest in the show, particularly due to a failed relationship with David Cassidy, her co-star. The actor walked out of the show and never got the same level of attention. A 70s actress we will never forget!

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Jill St. John

Jill St. John – The First American Bond Girl

Jill’s known for a lot of things. The gorgeous diva started out as a voice talent on radio and soon found her way into movies. However, it was her goofy demeanor that bought her fame. After being offered a contract by Universal, Jill St. John went on to star in a number of comedic roles, before being chosen as the first American Bond girl to star in Diamonds are Forever alongside everyone’s favorite James Bond, Sean Connery.

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Susan Anton

The Pageant Queen of the 70s, Susan Anton

Muriel Cigars has produced a number of commercials, however, none went on to become as popular as the one that starred Susan Anton. Her pure beauty pageant queen looks, paired with the somewhat suggestive lyrics of the advertisement song, pushed her into the spotlight, after which she was cast in a number of TV shows while also topping charts being a country singer. She really was talented. After her peak in the 70s, Susan quit acting to pursue her music career in LA. Let’s continue to look at some more beauties. A 70s actress we will never forget!

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Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale Captured in the Movie, ‘The Legend of Frenchie King’

The fact that Claudia Cardinale was crowned as the most attractive Italian woman in all of Tunisia should not really come as a surprise when you take a look at this vintage photo from the 70s. After earning herself this title in a foreign country, Claudia was offered multiple contracts in her home country, Italy, where she then proceeded to star in a number of movies including The Pink Panther. However, nothing comes close to her iconic character in the comedy, The Legend of Frenchie King, which this photo belongs to. The list of pretty women does not end here.

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Jane Seymour

A Picture of Young Jane Seymour

If you’ve kept up with all James Bond films, then you would probably recognize Jane Seymour from Live and Let Die, where she played the psychic who fought James Bond. Only 20 when she landed the role, Jane remembers Roger Moore as more of a father-figure to her despite their roles in the movie.

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Sally Field

Sally Field in a Floral Dress, Captured in 1975

Sally Field played the goofy girl in most of her movies from the 1960s, which include The Flying Nun Fields. She was handed small roles with more comedic streaks until Sally Field decided that she wanted to be seen as a more serious actress. Following her education at the Actors Studio in the 70s, she was able to show off her true skills in Sybil. She played the role of a woman with a personality disorder and won an award for the role at the 1977 Emmys.

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wonder woman

The Original Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter, a beauty pageant queen and a singer suddenly had a career change when she starred in the Wonder Woman series that lasted from 1975-1979. True Marvel fans call her the ‘OG Wonder Woman.’ She was nothing less than an icon in the 70s. The feminist icon went on to shoot down comments made on her constume saying that she presented Wonder Woman as a representative of women instead of a showpiece for the male gaze. A 70s actress we will never forget!

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Maren Jensen

Maren Jensen in 1978

With piercing blue eyes that would be hard to miss in a crowd, Maren Jensen initially stepped into the world of fame as a model, before moving on to make guest appearances in popular American shows such as Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. However, she faced many troubles when starting her career as an actress. She had to fight Epstein Barr Syndrome, a disease that drains a person of their energy, which forced her to end her acting career and join hands with Don Henley to make music. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon in Pretty Baby

Susan Saradon was known in the 70s for being a powerhouse of a talent, someone who gave it all to her roles. Some may know her from the classic film, Pretty Lady, where she played the role (and absolutely killed it) of a woman on the verge of a breakdown. When asked about the motivation behind playing the role so well, Susan said it came from the location that the movie was shot in – a hotel named the ‘Columns Hotel’ in New Orleans which was rumored to be haunted.

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Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith, Captured in Black and White

Most people remember Madeline Smith due to her role in Live and Let Die and Taste the Blood of Dracula. This picture of the versatile actress is very popular as it nicely highlights her beauty. Speaking in an interview on the Irish Examiner, Madeline revealed that she was never embarrassed of the roles she played. Instead, she took them as educational moments in her career. She also revealed that she preferred comedy movies over horror flicks because there was a lot more that went on behind the scenes. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Madonna – The Queen of Pop

If you guessed Madonna, then you’re probably a huge fan of music, regardless of the year. This vintage photo shows everyone’s favorite queen of pop, Madonna aged 21. However, before she became famous to the world, Madonna was like most girls – someone who wanted to make it big and perform in front of large crowds. She had also wanted to be a dancer and enjoyed shooting with her friends.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis Rocking a Fedora Paired with a Dress

Being a young and new face in the Hollywood spotlight, it was easy for Jamie Lee Curtis to land roles in movies such as Quincy or Columbo. But it was only after her star appearance in the renowned horror film, Halloween that she got international fame. She went on to star in several hit movies; however, most remember her for making sensational statements. But, she’s not the only one remembered for being a sensation. A 70s actress we will never forget!

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Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland, Holding Hands

When people think of iconic 70s couples, they always remember the Bronson and Ireland duo. They were the ‘IT’ couple and went on to create waves on and off screen. Charles Bronson made efforts to ensure that his love interest in every movie was his beloved wife, Jill. He continued to love her even after her death. Her body was cremated and her ashes buried with Charles who died in 2003.

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Tanya Roberts

Tanya Robers on Set for Sheena

Tanya Roberts may not have gained the success that most other actresses in this list did, but she was still appreciated for her acting skills by a good amount of people. She starred as a supporting actor and got fame for her role in The Beastmaster, where she played the role of a woman who had the power to control animals. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Charlie’s Angels

Released in 1976, Charlie’s Angel is still one of the most popular shows and has been remade a number of times. The first trio of angels to appear on screen were Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, and Kate Jackson. Not only did the three angels gain their fair share of the spotlight only hours after the show’s release, but they also became incredibly close as friends off-screen as well. According to Jaclyn, this is exactly what allowed them to play their characters as well as they did.

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Lynda Carter Grabbing Attention 

Captured in 1976, this is an iconic vintage photo due to its beauty and boldness. This was a time when actresses didn’t go out in the open with see-through dresses. The picture is from the Battle of the Network Stars show that gained popularity in the 70s for its different theme. Many stars grace the show including Lynda Carter, who is credited for the show’s success. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley in Beach Wear

With her tan skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, it was almost impossible to not be mesmerized by the beauty that Christie Brinkley possessed. Her modeling career started in the 70s, and went on to last all the way into the 90s. Christie Brinkley was not as petite or slim as other models. She was curvy and her strong body posture showed the true essence of her career as a surfing model. She’s remembered for being a pioneer and is loved by fans even today. Does she make the list of 40 Fittest Celebs Over 40 today?

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The Dick Cavett Show

Dick Cavett, Popular Interviewer on the Dick Cavett Show

Aired for the very first time in 1968, Cavett’s show gained popularity because of his unique choice of interviewees including Raquel Welch. Although she did not fit the ‘unique list’ that Cavett was known for, her interview gained popularity due to her conversation skills. She appeared on the show to discuss and promote her new film, Myra Breckinridge, and told us how to give an interview.

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Ann Margret – Popular for Breaking the Rules

Despite the 60s and 70s being a little reserved when it came to women doing daring things, Ann was never one to bound herself within the walls. With a free spirit, she was daring enough to do whatever pleased her. From singing and riding motorbikes in sandy dunes to appearing on screen with infamous celebrities such as Elvis Presley, there was nothing that Ann Margaret would stay away from.

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The Deep

Jacqueline Bissett on Set for ‘The Deep’

Almost everyone is familiar with the blockbuster 70s movie, The Deep. The movie has inspired several hit flicks, yet none come close to the original. Many credit Jacqueline Bissett behind the massive success of the movie. The diva, seen above, was known for being dedicated to whatever acting role she had to pursue. She was a professional and is still remembered for being one of the best actresses of her time. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Hugh Hefner, the Groovy Magazine Publisher

The 70s were all about groovy and living the true American Dream, and boy did Hefner fulfill it all. Not only did Hefner publish the Playboy Magazine (a magazine that is still popular today), but he also starred as the host of the hit show, Saturday Night Live. He bought a large gothic mansion in the 70s, where he spent most of his life working and living until his death in 2017.

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girl in towel

Brigette Bardot Captured in an Infamous Shoot

One look at Brigette in a purple towel and you can probably tell why she deserves her own spot in this list of vintage photos. But, she was more than just eye candy. She actively starred in European as well as American movies throughout her career, playing roles and bringing a new flair to the methods of acting that are still adopted by actresses today. After she hit the 47th movie, she stepped away from acting and used her platform as a popular actress to work and establish her own charities against animal cruelty.

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sports model

Cheryl Tiegs Captured for a Sports Magazine

There is no doubt that the 70s were good times for exploring and being groovy in general, but another thing that was popular in this era was sports. There were many models who made their careers in the world of sports modeling. If you search the web, you will come across this photo of Cheryl Tiegs, who was quite popular in the ‘70s. However, her origin story does not start as it usually does for models. Cheryl had wanted to be a librarian all her life, but after being featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, it was hard to say no or step back as stardom captured her almost overnight.

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Raquel Welch in Hannie Caulder

Raquel Welch With a Gun

This photo alone shows the versatility that was Raquel’s acting career. From starring in movies set around mythological creatures to being the star in a good number of action movies, there wasn’t a role that went unexplored by Raquel. This photo, however, shows her on set of the hit movie ‘Hannie Clauder’, the story of a woman who is out to seek revenge against people in the west. The film shows a number of shots of Raquel handling a gun and shooting her enemies, things that made her popular on screen. See what she looks like today! View these 70s Actresses: Then and Now.

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Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate Wearing a Floral Dress by Betsey Johnson

If there is one model who has won pageant after pageant from the US to Italy then it has to be the one and only Sharon Tate. Here she can be seen wearing the floral print, which was a range in the 70s. She was a regular star in small scale movies, but was featured from time to time on the cover magazine of some of the most popular magazines of the 70s. After her lead role in ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’, Sharon went on to marry Roman Polanski and find more success. When someone thinks of the 70s, they think of groovy outfits. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells Sporting a Knee Length Dress with High Boots

Sporting knee high, shimmery boots and a spaghetti strap dress, Dawn Wells was truly a fashion icon. This picture shows her talent and why she deserves to be known as a fashionista. Some might remember her from the show Gilligan’s Island, where she appeared as Mary Ann. But before that, she appeared in some of the most popular horror films from the 70s. For anyone who might be interested in watching some: Return to Boggy Creek and The Town that Dreaded Sundown were the most popular. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Morgan Fairchild, Better Known as Jennifer Pace

Name any single popular soap opera from the 70s, and there is a high chance that Morgan Fairchild was the lead actress in it. However, the story of how she stepped into the world of acting may shock you and is probably even a little funny. Explaining her origin story, Morgansaid that it all started because she disliked school and took more interest in theatre. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Curly hair girl

Farrah Fawcett Posing with Her Bicycle, Captured in 1977

Farrah Fawcett was probably the creator of the iconic ‘70s, curly hairstyle’ that we see in almost every movie today that is set in the 70s-80s. She starred in Charlie’s Angel at the young age of 29 and became an overnight sensation. Her role in the TV show was that of a detective and she probably set the first stone in what became a popular career for girls at the time. This 70s actress had it going on!

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Lynda Carter

Miss World, USA

America’s Wonder Woman was also crowned Miss World USA in 1972. Yes, the woman in the picture is none other than Lynda Carter. Lynda Carter was a woman of many talents – testing the ropes with singing before jumping into the beauty pageant world. But, this picture deserves attention for showing how beauty standards have changed over the years.

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Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton, An Iconic Actress

This rare picture of Barbi Benton is known for highlighting her gorgeous face and stunning smile. Barbi appeared on hit TV shows such as The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Hee Haw. She got married to Hugh Hefner and ended up topping charts in almost 50 countries all over the world thanks to her hit album, ‘Brass Buckles.’

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Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter Rocking a Messy Yet Elegant Look

Some know her as Jessica 6 from Logan’s Run, others know her from other low-budget films. But some of the most dedicated cinephiles know her from the role that landed her a BAFTA Award, her role in the film adaptation of Equus.

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Carly Simon – the Folk Music Goddess

Our last pick is Carly Simon, the star best remembered for creating folk music. She wrote songs with her husband even after their divorce in 1983. She talks very fondly about their partnership and is known for being positive about life and career.

The talented musician is still remembered by folk lovers and can be heard on radio channels.