World’s Fastest Picnic Table

As long as men have been using gasoline engines, we have been coming up with amazing ways to make our lives more convenient, efficient, and downright bizarre. Check this out see what I’m talking about. This guy is pretty clever. 

Though it may look funny to go put putting down the street while sitting on your picnic table, you do get to have a few distinguished accolades. For starters, you could say you have the worlds fastest picnic table. Who would dispute that? That’s right, nobody. Second, you could say that you have the world’s most fuel-efficient picnic table. Again, you can’t argue with the truth. Finally, you could say that you have the most efficient way to picnic. There are plenty of others, just let your mind wander and you will see what I’m talking about. However, when it wanders back, let’s look at a few things that make this picnic table pretty impressive.

No, I’m not talking about mounting the 7 hp motor on the back of the picnic table to make it go. That seems to be pretty easy in and of itself. All you have to do is make sure your driveshaft and gear ratios are synced up so you have the correct transfer of power to the axles. However, it is the way this thing maneuvers that is most interesting to me. 

At first glance, it appears that it is a pretty easy read. This little guy is obviously controlled much like a skid steer, using the rear wheels as its form of maneuvering. However, look again and you will notice that the front wheels do all of the turning, while the rear wheels provide the power. Obviously, the front wheel is operated by a hydrostatic drive, since there is no steering wheel present.

He is using his feet to maneuver the picnic table up and down the road. This is very similar to how airplanes are steered. It’s not exact, because airplanes use more than hydrostatic drives to control steering, but pretty close. The other impressive thing is the fact that he can pop a wheelie with a picnic table and not come flying off the back. Furthermore, he can navigate it up the driveway and land safely. All of that to say, it is obviously not this guy’s first barbecue… I know bad pun, but completely intended.

Yet, as cool and “nifty” (yes I said nifty) as this horsepower-driven picnic table is, there are cons to every pro. Just take a look at a few that come to my mind: (more…)

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