V8 Chainsaw Cuts Wood Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

It’s not everyday that a classic 253 ci Holden V8 gets strapped directly to a 1000 mm harvester bar. But that’s exactly what the mad geniuses at Whitlands Engineering in Australia did for a demonstration of their line of Superaxes. The Superaxe is the middle ground between using a chainsaw to cut logs and using a wood processing unit that rolls the logs through a conveyor belt. For small applications, the Superaxe is surely a great answer – but is a Holden V8 what actually gets offered?

Chainsaws Worst Nightmare – The Peppermint Gum Tree

There’s no doubting it – a 1:1 ratio with a right-angle driver from the engine to the blade can produce some staggeringly powerful cuts. That’s part of the Whitland Engineering team’s intent when designing this rig. It’s meant to cooperate closely with log splitters and other tools to make the time it takes to process a lot of wood significantly easier. This isn’t, however, the chainsaw someone would likely use to cut down a tree.

This particular Peppermint Gum had a diameter of about two feet and this beast cut through that hardwood tree in about 2.4 seconds. For reference, the Peppermint gum trees can grow to heights of up to 210 feet with diameter at breast height (dbh) of 7 to 10 feet. It’s an extremely dense, heavy hardwood with average densities around 53 pounds per foot cubed (lbs/ft3). For reference, the eastern white oak (Quercus alba) has an average estimated density of 46 lbs/ft3… So it’s nothing the average chainsaw would scoff at. (more…)

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Whitlands Engineering is one of the leading innovators in producing wood cutting equipment in Australia. The Superaxe lineup definitely features some great capabilities useful fo