This Golf Putt Defies Gravity

Many of us wish we had a better short game when it comes to golf. That’s where the real game is won. Yes, you can crush the ball 300 yards and send it down the fairway straight as an arrow. However, that’s just one shot. Once you get to the green, the game changes considerably and you have to be on your A game. Well, check this out and let me know what you think of this fellow’s A game. That’s pretty impressive stuff, right? It seems like all that is required is a great putt, a keen eye and a lot of patience to win the day. But seeing this might frustrate you a bit, too. I know it frustrated me.

I thought things like “How often have I made a shot like this, and picked up the ball too soon?” Seeing this makes you think about things like that, doesn’t it? Perhaps you could have shaved a stroke or two off your putt, or could you? Remember, the game of golf is won and lost in the short game. To that end, the short game has some of the most specific rules that you will find. The rules help keep the game fair, but they do more than that, too. They also keep the game moving forward.


A Sticky Rule for This Epic Shot

This is not so crucial in tournaments and matches, yet absolutely necessary when you are trying to run a profitable golfing enterprise. The last thing you want on your golf course is a bunch of golfers frustrated because one group can’t finish a particular green. There are important things like clubhouse lunches and a round of beer with friends waiting after the eighteenth hole. Time can’t wait for one anal retentive person to be so detail oriented about the game. The rules keep the game moving in that regard. So, what does this have to do with this guy’s epic cup shot? Well, according to the rules of golf you only have three seconds to wait for a ball to drop into the cup if it is overhanging the hole. That rule is known as number 16–2, or the “Ball Overhanging Hole Rule.” Stop laughing at the name and stay on task.

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If the ball waits more than three seconds before it drops, you have to add a penalty stroke if you want to count the shot. Otherwise, you have grounds for disqualification from th