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pike fishing

Catch-and-Release Fishing Just Got Real

If you’ve been freshwater fishing for any length of time then you have certainly had your fair share of fail events. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those times…

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zipper truck

The Golden Gate Bridge’s ‘Zipper Truck’ In Action

Joining San Francisco to the rest of Marin County, California, is the majestic and highly photographed Golden Gate bridge. This 4,200 ft suspension bridge opened in 1937 and ever since…

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Duramax Mud

Why You Never Take Your Duramax Lifted Chevy Mudding Alone

Dirt roads, lifted trucks, mud bogs, sometimes you just have to go for it. That’s exactly what this lifted Duramax Chevy does. This scene is no doubt played out thousands…

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Gravity Golf Putt

This Golf Putt Defies Gravity

Many of us wish we had a better short game when it comes to golf. That’s where the real game is won. Yes, you can crush the ball 300 yards…

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truck vs tree2

A Ford F-250 XLT vs The Tree

Have you ever heard the phrase, “to get bent around an axle”? Well, the exact opposite of this phrase is what happens when you take a pristine, high performance F-250…

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Mcilroys golf shot

Was McIlroy’s Bell Golf Shot Real?

At the tenth hole at the Belfry, legendary and world renowned PGA golf champion Rory McIlroy appeared to casually belt a ball some three hundred yards to hit the iconic…

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Car Jumps Bridge

Ever See A Drawbridge Open And Think, “I Can Make It.”

It’s no simple matter careening through a roadblock and clearing an opening drawbridge, but it happened in West Palm Beach, Florida. A driver, who was supposedly looking at his GPS,…

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RC Driving With Women

Driving With Women is Like…

If you need an explanation after taking a look at the picture below, then you probably should not be driving. You definitely should not be driving with women. If you…

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golfer great

Paula Creamer is Not Your Average Golfer

Alright, so we all know that Paula Creamer is drop dead gorgeous. Just do a quick Google search of her and you will see what I mean. She looks stunning…

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