A Ford F-250 XLT vs The Tree

Have you ever heard the phrase, “to get bent around an axle”? Well, the exact opposite of this phrase is what happens when you take a pristine, high performance F-250 supercharged V8 diesel and tug really hard on a rooted tree system. Here, we see something so silly it defies the imagination. A supercharged F-250 XLT attempts to take down a hardwood tree with a 3000 lb rated tow strap. Why is this the worst idea ever?

As you can seen, larger, more powerful trucks with better equipment have fared far worse with far better equipment. And in situations where the truck driver thinks he’s got the better of a tree (he doesn’t) – check out this video. It can be safely concluded that a man with a truck looking to down a tree ought be a bit better prepared than simply that.


It’s Not the F-250 XLT’s Fault

Now, it’s not the truck’s fault at all. Let’s exonerate this piece of supercharged equipment. It comes standard with a 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel. For the layman, that’s 860 lb ft @ 1600 rpm when equipped with aforementioned 6.7L Power Stroke™ Turbo Diesel engine. That’s nothing to bat an eyelash at! But when you look at tree weight, it’s not just about torque. Hardwood can bend, using its roots to keep itself firmly in the ground.

So you’re not just pulling on the tree, you’re pulling on its entire root system, the earth and rock keeping it grounded, and fighting the bend of the wood. To pull this off, the driver is depending on a simple 3000 lb cargo strap!

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The effect? With a curb weight of between 7,000 – 8,000 lbs, the F-250 weighs far less than the tree system. It’s almost amazing that the strap held long enough to send the